Thai National 2012

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IT Mall Fortune



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 Opey De Place Pattaya



 sOMEThING by YoyoAddict


Blazing Teens

Kitty String



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Written by Yoyothailand Team   




Chatchawan Jaruwattanakun : Thailand

Yoyothailand founder 


Ahmad Dimi : Malaysia

Duncan Crew Malaysia, M-Yo President

Ever wanted a live size teddy bear which walks and talks? Well, Dimi's the closest you can ever get to that. Don't let his enormous proportions scare you away as Dimi is a Malaysian yo-yo superstar and a free hug machine. Oh Yeah, he almost never sleeps but when he does, a nuclear bomb can't wake him up!

P/s Be careful when trying Dimi's yoyos, you'll be in a state of shock after playing with them!


Walter Wong : Hong Kong

C3yoyodesign Director

Walter is active in the Hong Kong local yoyo community. He is one of the committee members of HereWeYo! and China Macau Yoyo General Association. He also works as a judge for the yoyo competitions in Asia.


Chun Wu : Thailand

2009 Thailand National Champion - 1A division

2009 Thailand National Champion - 5A division

2010 Thailand National Champion - 1A division



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Thai National 2012 Freestyle

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